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Using Frustration as Inspiration

Brian, one of the beautiful beings we interact with on our feedings, showed us this sculpture he created!

Brian elaborated his frustration with the cold/wet weather recently-taking him a few days to get situated-and ended up utilizing this stressful energy for something beautiful✨ This sculpture + making his space more comfortable ( free of getting wet by utilizing a tarp) allowed him a better peace of mind.

Through vulnerability, comfort can become more accessible and art can be the key to this for some of our unhoused community members. They feel control in their situation when they have the opportunity to express themselves through these mediums. And by considering the amount of disappointments and rigid experiences they’ve been through; this means the world to them to 💚 ‼️*safely express themselves*‼️

I hope y’all had a beautiful one and the opportunity to spend time creating things that bring love 🌿

-if you cannot because of how busy you are, just know there will be time, art will always be here ready to be expressed 🎨

(originally posted on our Instagram)

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