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Thanks Being Given

During these last six months, we have battled many unprecedented challenges that have caused mental and physical pain for everyone and although the RF core members each had their personal worries, they never failed to show up for their community. Several community members and I came together every few weeks to create care packages which became one of the few things that I looked forward to during this time. I felt extremely fortunate to have a roof over my head and to know where my next meal would come from especially during quarantine; I wanted to give back. Although we understood the risks of participating in these activities during a pandemic, the severity of the circumstances increased the demand for more volunteers and resources to provide for the unhoused community. It was powerful seeing so many altruistic individuals at once show up week after week, putting aside personal challenges and health concerns to provide for our unhoused neighbors. The individuals I have been so blessed to work aside are the epitome of selfless and humility, and I adore and look up to every single one of them. I have met so many wonderful people from RF, from each I have learned something new. It is truly a blessing to be able to say I have taken part in something this amazing and I hope we can continue to grow and give back to those who deserve it the most.

•photo + caption by our amazing member @chanahhh 💎🧡

(Originally posted to Instagram)

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