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Thank You for Supporting Us!

***Originally posted on our Instagram!!***

Thank you to the community for your outpouring generosity the past two weeks & to everyone who took time out of their day to bring us donations. And again, we continuously thank @tiiizaa for all her hard work cooking all 40 meals. You are all much appreciated from the bottom of our’s & the unhoused community’s hearts 🧡


To be transparent, our last distribution was more serious than we expected. We met new people, old friends, new people that needed urgent help & old friends that we weren’t aware had been needing urgent help. The deep intersectionality in homelessness makes it hard for very specific populations to even tell anyone that they are struggling. It reminded us that part of our work is not only to serve our community but also to bridge the gap between specifically neglected populations & resources. Sharing resources is more helpful than you think; you really never know who needs it most. We should also be mindful that there are individuals who experience specific factors in their lives that requires them additional assistance from accessing that resource no matter how many times you share it.

Keep spreading love ❤️


‼️DV Emergency Shelter Hotlines‼️


510-794-6055 (SAVE)

East Bay:

510-786-1246 (Ruby’s Place)

1-866-A-WAY-OUT (Building Futures w Women & Children)

National Hotline:


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