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Summer of Love Art Festival

**Originally posted on our Instagram!**

This previous Saturday (6/12), @soulsticebayarea and @peoplesparkberkeley hosted “Summer of Love” art festival at People’s Park, Berkeley to highlight QT BIPOC artists and give the community a platform to freely express themselves in a safe space. We wanted to thank them for curating this and giving us a chance to showcase what Renegade does alongside all these beautiful artists ☮️

Alongside our featured artists @pwarttty and, the Renegade Feedings booth displayed our own data collected from surveys conducted with unhoused neighbors to truly emphasize the complexities of homelessness and the faults of the system. Our goal was to educate and raise awareness towards attendees about the real facts on homelessness and what actions the community can take to fight against this. We appreciate every single person who came through to our table! 🧡

People’s park is a special space for us because it embodies what resistance can do when the community utilizes their energy to fight against gentrification and displacement of POC and specifically Indigenous people in the Bay Area and in this country.

✅ If you wish to support and protect this space so unhoused community members can stay and persist there, you can donate to People’s Park’s Venmo (in @peoplesparkberkeley bio)

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