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Storm Distribution!

***Originally posted on our Instagram!***

We went out in the storm for a couple of hours to see our neighbors then we all went home and got warmed up.

Outside, our neighbors are in their tents, being blown by 40mph wind, persevering through the worst of the storm through laughter and positivity (every neighbor we met said something nice about the rain and laughed). It was beautiful and insightful.

Shelters are available for our neighbors, however, they may not always be accessible due to...

• transportation

• restrictions (e.g. no pets)

• waitlists

• no choice of shelter

• overcrowded

• inadequate services

• fear of the unknown and adapted independence

...and more, despite their best efforts. Just a little piece of why you are seeing what are you seeing in this post 🔍


BRC - “Why would a homeless person not want to go to a shelter?

TTU - “On the streets: Why homeless people refuse shelter

Thank you Alyssa for making the cutest lil baked sweets for our neighbors! 🧡🤩 They LOVED them!! @tiiizaa

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