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RF Davis Feeding Update!

Originally posted on Renegade Feedings - Davis Instagram on 12/6

We did really good on our post Thanksgiving feeding today!

Many of our friends and family ask us : “How do you spend the money that we donate?” That’s honestly a good question! We currently spend our funds to buy meals for the unhoused, warm socks and sleeping bags to keep them warm, and materials that we use for event preparation and distribution.

A close friend of mine recently donated $20. We were able use it to buy/prepare/distribute 32 hot dogs with condiments and beverages!

When you donate to Renegade Feedings Davis, 100% of what you give will be shared with the community!

Much love y’all! 🧡Until next time, Peace! ✌🏽

DM us to learn how to make someone’s day a little better and what you can donate to us!


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