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Representing Renegade!

Open Discussion Podcast coming soon!!!!

Presenting: A WORD FROM THIS GENERATION: Young Entrepreneurs' Edition!

You do NOT want to miss this! As we tackle every topic from discrimination, homelessness, frustration, and even sometimes going against some negative stereotypes to stand up for what you believe in!

Video coming soon!

A virtual room full of young Entrepreneurs grounded by faith, courage, wisdom, and PURPOSE!

We are determined to change the world one good deed, one kind word, one selfless gesture at a time.

Host- Shaniqua Robinson

Executive Director of Non-Profit WDO2T (We're Doing Our Own Thing)(Minnesota)

Panelist- Shanell Thomas Founder, Mentor, and Executive of Center Staged Mentoring (Indiana)

Panelist- Klara Hernandez Founder and Overseer of Ekolara (California)

Panelist- Justin Valenzuela Co-Founder of Renegade Feedings (California)

(originally posted on our Instagram)

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