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**UPDATE** Renegade is Taking a Break

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Being passionate about something, especially something as all-encompassing as the unhoused situation in the Tri-Cities, is exhausting. When you do something you love, get up and organize and motivate people to help, that can also be exhausting. Combine those with having to balance school and work; burn out is inevitable.

That being said, the Renegade Team has agreed to take a couple of months off from the work, the work we all care about so much, so we can get realigned with our own lives. A lot of changes have been happening behind the scenes and it has taken a toll. We will be continuing our background work at this time but will be pausing our in-person outreach and public events for the time being.

We’ll be back, re-energized to get out & help, more focused on providing as much as we can for our unhoused neighbors, and better organized than ever.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us out so far, and hope you will continue supporting us while realigning & re-energizing. Feel free to keep in touch with our socials or email during this time.

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