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Pre-Feeding Checklist

Hello beautiful people, hope y’all are having a great evening 💚

For yesterday’s (12/18) private Prep Event, we decided to organize our essential items into festive packaging! Each of our care packages contains:

-Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, + Lotion.

-Christmas Stocking(Underwear, Socks and Hand warmers)

-1 garbage bag to help dispose of trash

-a powerful and unique message reminding them of their beauty🌟

And there’s a few bags prepped that have pepper spray for our more vulnerable Unhoused neighbors!

We are also giving away solar portable chargers as well as gift cards. Although we typically do not give $$$ to our unhoused neighbors, we wanted to switch it up for once and give them the FREEDOM and CHOICE to do whatever they want with it.

Considering it’s the holiday season this time of the year, many of our unhoused community members are feeling deep emotions and sadness. They may not have the opportunity to visit their family or enjoy these holidays with anyone at all. That’s why we are gonna visit them and spread this love tomorrow; gotta make sure everyone is acknowledged and is given the human decency of COMPASSION during these holiday seasons. Peace everyone ❤️

(Originally posted on our Instagram)

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