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Population Changes

**Originally posted on our Instagram!**

Every distribution event is an opportunity to learn more about homelessness in our city. Yesterday, we got a clearer idea of what greater instability looks like within homelessness; a local encampment we visit frequently has been growing significantly in population due to many unhoused folks being relocated. In two weeks, many of them aren’t sure where they’re going to end up or where they can even go in the case (which has high probability) that they face eviction from the site. With every-changing vehicle laws being unknown, folks who live in their vehicles have an even more difficult time looking for places to reside safely and legally. While this is something we wish we can fix in a day, it takes a community to become aware of these complexities to push for more accessible resources and housing for all 💪

Fresh n delicious meals cooked by Chef @tiiizaa 🧡 Grateful for the care she put in each meal (look at that presentation!) 😍

+ Big thank you to our members for their ongoing hard work during our distributions! 🤝

Want to learn more about homelessness in your city? Keep an eye out for updates about our upcoming events 👀

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