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Keeping Beautiful

Hello hope y’all are having a beautiful day today 🌿

One main issue of homelessness is maintaining clean hygiene and clean space, it disrupts how one is able to achieve their goals in life.

These few photos are examples of how some of our local unhoused neighbors (Irene and Ernie) decorates their space. (see all pics on our Instagram!)

Irene is relatively new to Fremont and has been within this encampment for a few years; beforehand she used to be on the streets and stayed nearby businesses. One thing she mentioned about catering to these specific areas is trying to keep her space as neat as possible to deter nearby business from kicking her out!

While practicing these efforts, she encouraged other unhoused community members to do so as well (to help them stay safe somewhere longer). Eventually over time she ended up moving into this encampment and brings strength and guidance to those who wander too astray from their personal goals.

Irene, as well as Ernie, carried this practice and nurtured their space to the best it could be, by grabbing material thrown into fields or even supplies from friends that were/are housed. Irene curates this beautiful space to feel like home, and not just her space, but also assisting local unhoused neighbors within her vicinity to do the same.

One thing we’ve learned from Irene how she helps bring up our unhoused neighbors through cleansing, organizing, and most importantly decorating to her character. Staying true to her character, being who she is 💚

Originally posted on our Instagram)

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