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Holiday Giveaway!


This holiday season has been tough for all of us and we want to give you guys a chance to win a huge prize while at the same time giving back to those who need it the most this holiday season.⠀

[Boots 'N' Cats Entertainment] are partnering with Renegade Feedings who directly connects with local homeless encampments bringing them on a consistent basis, food, water, and basic supplies to survive. We want to help the most people we can this holiday season so that’s why to raise money to help all these people⠀

We will be hosting a raffle to win a brand new PS5 for the low price of $5 dollars. Rules are below;⠀

1. Must be following Renegade Feedings ( @renegade.feedings ) and Boots N’ Cats (@bootsncatsent )

2. Repost this post to your story and tag 2 music lovers in the comments.⠀

3. Every $5 dollars donated will count as one entry, unlimited entries.⠀

4. All payment will go directly to Boots n Cats Venmo ( @bootsncatsent) please include your instagram handle in transaction comments⠀

5. Giveaway ends December 20th at 12am (PST)⠀

6. Any money given after midnight dec 20th will be refunded.⠀


(originally posted on our Instagram)

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