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Fundraiser Thanks!

**Originally posted on our Instagram!**

We wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to EVERYONE that came to our taco fundraiser yesterday!!!! 😭🙏🏼 We’re so touched to have received such overwhelming support from our community & words cannot truly encompass how much we really, really, REALLY appreciate everyone who came through yesterday 🧡 Not only that, but there were folks who were unable to attend but still donated to us anyways! We love you all so much for your compassion. We’re looking forward to see what bigger impact we can make for our unhoused community with the funds so generously donated by you all 🧡

+ Shoutout to all our members for working so hard to make this fundraiser happen! We’re grateful to have such talented chefs & hard-working people in our organization 💟

Thank you again to our community for all the love & support you all have continuously given us ❤️ Forever blessed.

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