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Feeding Recap: Part One!

Hello lovely human beings hope you are having a beautiful day so far!✨

Here’s a lil recap from our recent Feeding Distribution Event from last Sunday (11/22) ✅:

We split into 3 different groups to spread as much support and love to our unhoused neighbors in the Tri- City Area. From our first group’s experience, they stumbled upon two local community orgs( @workerscommunitykitchen (WCK) & Fremont’s Feed the Hungry) helping out one of the encampments in Fremont! It was beautiful seeing all of us helping out our community in different ways such as how WCK provided water and FFTH distribute meals and blankets 🤞

We appreciate one of our unhoused neighbor’s huge heart by allowing us to be in her space and gathering other unhoused folks to her area and distributing love to them! Spreading love to our unhoused neighbors requires us to make sure their comfort and privacy is met during the process of assisting them💕

Have a beautiful day everyone and don’t forget to LOVE YOURSELF and those around you 💚🌿

( *Part 2 of this post will be uploaded later👀)

(first posted to our IG)

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