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1/30 Distro Debrief

**Originally published on our Instagram!**

Thank you to everyone who came out with us yesterday to distribute meals & supplies to our neighbors! 💛 And thank you @tiiizaa for cooking 40 delicious & beautifully plated meals from scratch that our neighbors enjoyed 😋 Another great distribution for the books!

‼️On Sunday we were notified that the city of Fremont is going to begin the process of displacing unhoused residents from an encampment space in Irvington. It’s been predicted, based on past displacements, that FPD will simply move these folks to the library where they will be allowed to reside only in certain areas to keep away from public eye. This usually happens without redirection or assistance to enroll in shelters or transitional housing. The library and Vallejo Mills park have become hotspots for displaced individuals & families & we’ve been tracking the population growths there over time. At peak times, there can be over 40 people at these encampments “conveniently” located away from public foot traffic. It’s a common tactic we’ve seen time & time again & it’s happening once more‼️

Keep an eye out for updates about our next prep/feeding events happening next week 👀

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