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Paul's Story


Paul Webster

Hello I'm Paul the founder of Renegade Feedings!


Renegade became a part of my life through my household experiences that my mother nurtured. While growing up, she brought unhoused individuals into our home to either assist them with becoming financially stable or mentally coherent. My mom herself came from a background of drug abuse and throughout her own life she transmuted that energy into something better and wanted to assist others with this same process. Mainly because she knew the pain that would arise from these types of lifestyles. This inspired me to do the same and continue to make an impact in local communities nearby for the betterment of this environment. So I brought the idea to a club at Ohlone college called “Ohlone Sustainability Club” and they taught me more about curating a sustainable platform so it could continue to strive.


How I see myself impacting renegade is through utilizing what OSC taught me about, which is developing a system where all the three E,s (Ethnics, Environment, Economics) are sustained. This can be done through acknowledging the issues which exist and creating a healthier space then what was brought to us. I see things that aren't harmonizing with the rhythm of the universe and know through love, patience and dedication these things can become more balanced!


My passions are centered around cleaning, showing emotional support to people and most importantly creativity. I'm an artist at heart and I like to express realms that I see within. I've been drawing since a young age and have a very colorful past so the palette has many variant that'll brighten my future.

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