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What Do We Do?

Renegade: a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles


Renegade Feedings is a local Bay Area homeless outreach organization looking to uplifting all unhoused communities with mutual aid, resources, and compassion. We do this by elevating our unhoused neighbors' sense of hope for the world by providing them food, hygiene supplies, clothing, camping gear, and most importantly: a meaningful conversation with them about their lives. By learning more about their lives, we learn more about what we can do to help them.

We call ourselves Renegade Feedings because we want to live up to the definition of what a renegade really is. Renegade: a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles. We want to provide our unhoused neighbors an outlet for them to be known and loved without judgment. We want to create a better community for everyone. Rather than carrying the notion that unhoused residents must go to a shelter awaiting a "lottery system"(not guaranteed of receiving help)-we go directly to them, where they are comfortable at and call it home. Primarily in homeless shelters, people are treated merely as a number, ie:" #322, get your food,"- we do not want people to feel like just a number, less than of a person. We want them to be known, to be acknowledged as human beings with untapped potential and talents.  We want to redefine the narrative of homelessness.


Our mission for R.F. is to humanize our neglected unhoused or financially/mentally unstable communities, treating everyone with the love and respect they deserve. We want to build a better society where it is acceptable for anyone to ask for help and receive sustainable assistance. By asking our unhoused neighbors specific questions about homelessness, we are able to identify and gather key resources for them to get back into a brighter route in life. 

With your help, we can all change the world. Maybe we cannot change the entire world, but let's start off by changing the world of an individual- maybe that is the key that truly matters. 

Land Acknowledgement: We are sitting on stolen indigenous land, specifically Ohlone Chochenyo land. Click here to know what land you are occupying. If you are a non-indigenous person, please honor the Indigenous peoples by paying a land tax here.

The Renegades


Paul (he/him)


mateo pic.JPG

Init Manzilla (he/him)

Communications/Public Outreach Coordinator

melissa pic.jpeg

Melissa (she/her)

Public Outreach Coordinator/ Skill Developer 


Joshua (he/him)

Public Outreach Coordinator/Site Admin

tammy n profile.jpg

Tammy (she/her)

Public Outreach

Nico pic.jpeg

Nico (he/him)

RF Davis Founder/Public Outreach Coordinator

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