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What is Renegade Feedings?
Renegade Feedings is an homeless outreach organization that helps bridge the Unhoused community to essential resources, that are necessary for growth! 

How did Renegade Feedings start?

February 2019, founder Paul Walker was thinking of his mom, who contributed to the unhoused community throughout his youth, and he thought it would be a beautiful thing to initiate something with local friends & neighbors


He looked into local options and found the  Ohlone Sustainability Club, a club that emphasizes the importance of having a sustainable structure that has a balance in ethics, economics and the environment. 


He worked on it with a team, working to make Renegade Feedings into a sustainable structure, which could grow effortlessly into a platform that supports the unhoused community by giving them a bridge to access the resources they lack



What is Renegade Feedings goal?

Our goal is complicated in execution but simple in design: to bring the Unhoused community to a better place , where they can do what they want without fear. To encourage them to manifest their dreams!



Does Renegade have any religious affiliation?

We do not have any affiliation with any major religions; all faiths are welcome to join us at any of our events! Each member has their own core beliefs, but at our heart, we're all doing this to help make things better, to assist those that are out of options or opportunity. Homelessness can happen to anyone of any faith, color or creed and because it can happen to anyone, we believe it's up to everyone to help alleviate the suffering of others as much as possible.

What organizations does Renegade Feedings collaborate with?

Over the year we've collaborated with many different local organizations such as Tri-city Volunteers , Fremont for Everyone, Fremont Feed the Hungry, Direct Action Everywhere, East Bay Resistance, Workers Community Kitchen and more!


We’re open to collaboration on many ends as long as we keep a tune with our mission and continue to work towards the goal!


If you would like to collaborate with us feel free to contact us through email or send a message through the site!

How can I get more involved?

You can get more involved through volunteering on a regular basis, and letting us know if you can be of assistance between events, such as picking up food or donations!


We will help direct you in a way where you can help the unhoused community further then just one volunteering experience! Volunteering at Renegade Feedings is also a great way to achieve any volunteering goals you have this year!



How can I donate?

First of all, THANK YOU! Second, the easiest way is to send some funds through Cash or Venmo! Thank you again!



Are you a Non-Profit Organization?

We are not officially a non-profit. We are a grassroots organization that is looking to change the systems that causes homelessness. 





What happens at our Feeding Distribution Event?

We start our feeding events at Paul Webster’s house,  where all the donation supplies are stored. From there, we split into teams and determine who will go to which which encampment. Before heading out we circle up to make sure who all know one another review our goals for the day.


Then we head out to the various encampments; we gather the supplies/food we'll be handing out, then walk around and introduce ourselves to the unhoused. While out and helping, we practice our mission which is providing meaningful conversations as well as food and supplies, so we can understand the issues the unhoused community are dealing with. By doing this we can see what needs changing, what areas are unloved, and with our attention we can change this by providing bridges to  resources that can help liberate them from these issues.

What happens at our Preparation Event?

We start our prep events by adding lovely handmade notes on the cards that go into every hygiene bag that hand out. These notes are compassionate reminders to the unhoused community that they are beautiful, special people who still have much to give.  


After preparing these bags we fill them with hygiene items, along with medical supplies and snacks. We add these to our prep bags, which are handed out directly to the unhoused wherever they are living. 


After finishing hygiene bags we either call it a night or do other things that are necessary for upcoming events, such as organizing clothing, cleaning our supplies or merchandise, depending what’s on the agenda for the evening. 

After the prep, a closing ceremony is held and final words are had. This is the time to reflect and share experiences. 




Are unhoused community members dangerous?

Short answer; No. You need to be respectful when you are approaching them, remember you are walking into their home, so treat it with respect and boundaries. Unhoused members can only be “dangerous” if this boundary isn’t respected 



What safety precautions are taken on a Feeding Distribution Event?

The team is usually masked up, and most are faxed. Just be sure you bring your own mask and, if you would like, gloves. Social distancing is practiced at all times to keep you and the unhoused community safe 



What is handed out, other than food?

Each bag packed at a prep event includes the following (based on donations)


  • Hygiene supplies 

  • Snacks

  • Canned goods

  • Non-perishable goods 

  • Garbage bags and gloves

  • A handmade, inspirational card made my volunteers during prep events; volunteers are encouraged to write messages that help the unhousd remember that they are important, necessary human beings, and are loved

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