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Melissa's story

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Public Outreach Coordinator/ Skill Developer 

I joined Renegade Feedings after feeling disconnected to my hometown of Fremont for many years. I wanted to connect with my community and help those who are often ignored or bashed by society. The pandemic gave me a broad perspective change when it came to how society treats one another and I couldn’t bear to sit and watch the economic insecurities of those most vulnerable continue to crumble.  

My goals of Impact within Renegade Feedings is to spread love and positivity while providing a bridge of resources to our local unhoused community. My goal is to help create sustainable and lasting change within our communities. 

Aside from Renegade, I’m passionate about continuously learning and finding new ways to connect to myself and the world around us. I am a full-time Global Studies student. In my free time I enjoy swimming, hiking, traveling and spending time with loved ones. 

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