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Joshua's story


Public Outreach Coordinator/Site Admin

Greetings, my name is Joshua and I love Renegade Feedings. I grew up in Illinois; when I was 23 I moved to Boston, and finally relocated to California in 2019. I live in Fremont and when I first moved to town, one of the first things I wanted to do was help the unhoused I saw all around me. Growing up in the colder climates, homelessness is far less visible, so when I got to California I was overwhelmed by how prominent and ubiquitous it is. I found Renegade Feedings via online searches over a year ago, witnessed the genuinely good work without any expectation of recompense they were doing, and had to get involved. I could not be prouder to be considered a part of this group.  


My hope is the work we do helps the unhoused feel valued, seen, and important. Because we’re not just handing out food and supplies, but actually engaging with the unhoused, discussing what they need both now and in the future, I feel those who we reach out to are impacted in the most positive way possible. My goal is to help spread the Renegade way of helping; not just feeding the unhoused but helping them feel like members of society once again by engaging with them one-on-one.


I’m passionate about improving myself every day, be it learning some new tech, looking within for the source of my demons, or just staying healthy.  I’m an avid yoga practitioner, a very vocal advocate for the many and diverse uses of cannabis and know that we never stop growing as long as we walk though this world. Namaste!

- Joshua

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