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Nico's Story

Nico pic.jpeg

RF Davis Founder/Public Outreach Coordinator

Renegade Feedings became part of my life because I wanted to give back to the community and help those who are less fortunate. When I wake up everyday, I feel grateful for what I have, but unfortunately many individuals do not have that luxury.


Being a Renegade isn’t just about helping the less fortunate, it’s a lifestyle. Many people complain about the unhoused population and the lack of resources going towards the unhoused, however, many don’t do anything themselves to help those who are suffering. 


After two years of volunteering with Renegade Feedings, I decided to start a new branch of Renegade Feedings with my friend Chris Heng in Davis. Our mission is to spread love and  awareness as well as giving students and community members a chance to serve the unhoused community.


My passions are entrepreneurship and cooking and have been key interests of mine since I was young. I am an entrepreneur who specializes in recycling electronics and metals because I see value in things that most individuals do not. My goals are to divert as much material away from landfills as I can, while being ethical in my ventures. I see cooking as an artform and as a science. Cooking is a synergy of the senses, technique, and generations of knowledge. Food is what brings people together despite cultural differences and being from different backgrounds.

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