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Tammy's story

tammy n profile.jpg

Public Outreach Coordinator

I joined Renegade when I began to learn about how vital community involvement is in solving social and political issues. Through Renegade, my goal is to see a reformation of all government systems that perpetuate racism, sexism and classism which intersects with homelessness, climate change, the prison system, affordable housing and other issues that have yet been properly resolved. Most importantly, through Renegade, I strive to spread love to all members of my community, strengthen the sense of unity within and elevate members of my community who have been heavily disregarded and neglected for simply being unhoused.


Aside from Renegade, I enjoy art, being active, nature, spending time with friends, ice cream and education (I particularly enjoy learning about psychology, ethnic cultures, judicial law, space and criminal justice!). 

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